About us

About us

Our team started programming and developing WordPress websites in 2007. At the time, we created new websites weekly. As time went by however, clients began asking for additional WordPress services, as they began to experience what we always knew what to do when it comes to WordPress, themes, plugins and more.

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By 2010, we started hosting our own client websites, in order to ensure 100% uptime and fast websites. The number of clients grew enormously, similar to the popularity of WordPress.

The large number of websites we host has provided us with numerous challenges; however, keeping our websites safe and spam free has been an utmost priority. The open source framework of WordPress has provided us wth numerous benefits, and has provided our developers with several free plugins and themes that have attracted a lot hackers.

However, we secured and repaired the WordPress sites that got hacked, and as time has gone by, we have gotten numerous requests to repair WordPress sites from new clients who have gotten hacked.

In 2014, we began concentrating primarily on repairing WordPress websites and preventing them from falling into the hands of hackers and automated scripts. Since 2014, it has been our primary and daily business to help out clients with hacked websites. We have aided clients with successful sites, as well as small companies with minimal sites.

Our experience with WordPress plugins, whether pertaining to themes, hosting, or coding, makes us unique and exceptional.

We seek a challenge in every website we work on, and that is what begins our day!

Mathieu from WP-repair